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T A L K I N G   T R E E

N E W   K I N D A   K O O L

S O L I D  S P A C E

The CDs are available for $17.99 CDN$2.50 shipping & handling (Canada only). Credit and debit payments are accepted through PayPal. For international or larger orders, please Contact Greg.

MORE ON TALKING TREE..."The Surem can still be found today living in a concealed parallel universe that remains in the Yoania, an 'uncivilized' world that exists in wilderness, in wastelands, and in the sacred tall of the Talking Tree." -YAQUI FOLKLORE

Talking Tree is a collection of compositions I refer to as my "Rocktronica". Although there are ample spacious, long introductions of Ambient - the main ideas somehow never stray very far from my Rock roots. The fun for me though, was entering into "Yoania" and allowing the uncivilized world to bubble up through the whispers of the Talking Tree...

talking tree [5:19]
mattercule [4:11] (excerpt)
hyper-normal-motion [4:02]
jacob's ladder [3:33] (excerpt)
girl by the pool [4:30] (excerpt)
still slipping [4:31]a moment away [4:56]
perpetual pablum [4:55]
enigma [4:36] (excerpt)
lament for the harlequin king [4:17]
dread (inspired by tad williams) [5:57]
a slight flaw in time [3:38]

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